Image size: 22" x 15"

Edition size: 75

Printed on:  330gsm Somerset Velvet


Back in the mid 1950's we lived in London and in the holidays my parents would take us to Brighton & Hove where we stayed at my grandparents house, and many sunny days were spent on the beaches. In the very early 60's we moved to Brighton into a ground floor flat over looking the sea. I was in my early teens and loved to visit the countless coffee bars.

It was during this time that I explored Art and turned out many drawings of pop groups which were hung in many of those bars.

Some of the images made the local papers. It wasn't until the mid 70's when I pursued an artistic career and put on a display of nude works on Brighton & Hove seafront which proved to be quite controversial at the time and therefore got banned by the Brighton Art Committee for being 'pornographic'. This made the local papers and The News of the World. 

Afterwards I pursued an international carrer based in West Sussex. I was recently looking back on those events and decided to do some paintings based on my memories of Brighton & Hove.

Because the seafront, it's railings and the beach with it's stones stayed prominant and uppermost in my memory, I decided to focus on those images rather than famous landmarks such as The Palace Pier or The West Pier. This is the first of the two limited signed editions called 'Memory' which represents those precious moments of the past when we were children that carried with us those long summer days of sunshine and warmth.