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Set against a topical backdrop, with the Western world encumbered by a cycle of indulgence,
guilt and cynicism, Anthony’s paintings are a reminder of how fantastic living in the future is. In
his work, man is once more dwarfed and excited by possibility; ideological agendas possess
beauty and validation; and glamour is an intelligent and worthwhile pursuit rather than simply a
display of status. Sex, graphics, splendour and psychedelia combine in a ‘ray-gun’ gothic space
opera that, unlike most modern art, looks beautiful on a wall. Right now, our generation needs
Anthony John Gray. “ I just paint pictures “ says the artist who is entirely self-taught and who
designed one of five coins to celebrate Palm Springs golden anniversary

Lazarides Gallery
Greek St, Soho

He has such an impressive body of work! His creative vision is absolutely exquisite. I love how he reinterprets surrealism for his own devices and deconstructs the spectators knowledge to challenge their logic through such a visually stimulating artwork.

Tony Taglianetti
Gallery Director
The Brick Lane Gallery, London

He is very driven by his art with many ideas and concepts. Silence is a particularly powerful image.

Tate, Britain

Interesting work!

Charles Saatchi

One of the finest artist to come out of the UK. There's nothing quite like it.

Jaro Fine Art
Madison Avenue, New York

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